WHAT IS Rewire
to Retire

Retirement indicates a transition in life and not, as we sometimes think, the beginning of the end.

Failing to plan is planning to fail is synonymous to the concept of retirement – voluntary or not. Research has shown that when retirement is planned it does not catch you unawares and the impact on yourself and those important others in your life, can be stimulating rather than daunting.

‘Failure to Plan = Planning to Fail’


Can’t wait or is retirement the scariest thought out there?

Does the thought of retirement elicit feelings of excitement, or feelings of anxiety?

Many people nearing retirement only think about retirement planning from a financial perspective and  are most often not aware of the emotional impact retirement can have on your life. Every life change, whether positive or negative, comes with emotional discomfort.

Retirement anxiety is a reality that many people experience. No matter how much you’ve been anticipating it, retiring from your job is a major life event that comes with its own set of both challenges and benefits.

In planning for this new phase of life, or the lives of your parents, we explore the following:

  • What is your attitude towards retirement – is it transitioning to a new period in your life, or do you see it as beginning of the end?
  • How does this thinking affect your planning for this period in your life?
  • What are the areas that you must plan for prior to your last working day in the workplace?
  • How does your partner feel about this new period in your lives?
  • Do you and your partner share the same vision of the future?

Rewire to Retire is an interactive programme presented
as a process to actively prepare for retirement.