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Many people approach retirement with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. After years of working hard, you finally have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your retirement years. Yet retirement is also a time of great uncertainty:

  • Will my money outlive my life?
  • Will my health last?
  • Should we downsize and move, or stay?
  • Am I to old to start something new?


Retirement provides you with an excellent opportunity to create a meaningful life. How does one manage this transition? Suzette Serfontein unpacks the Mind Moves® Institute’s neuroscience-based Rewire to Retire programme – helping you optimise your mindset, understand your personal brain dominance profile, prime your brain through targeted movement, and successfully adapt to this new life phase.

In ep. 113 of the weekly podcast series Calm, Clear and Helpful, Rewire to Retire programme director Suzette Serfontein discusses

  • how her circumstances as an independent facilitator and consultant literally changed overnight during the Covid-19  pandemic

  • why planning for the emotional and mental impact of retirement is just as important as financial planning

  • the neuroscience-based foundation of the Rewire to Retire programme

  • the effect an individual’s retirement may have on their partner and family (if applicable)

  • what biomimicry and brain plasticity entai

  • the objectives and content of the 4 modules of the Rewire to Retire programme:
    1 Retirement: disaster or reinvention?

    2 Brain wiring: Understanding behaviour

    3 Knowing yourself and your partner

    4 Taking action

  • a technique assisting participants to work on their mindset and reduce overwhelm

  • whether your brain “wears out”

  • how participants’ personal brain dominance profiles, included in the programme, help them understand their own and their partners’ innate programming

  • how Mind Moves ensure clear thinking, optimise performance, lower stress levels and promote mental health

  • the difference between spontaneous movements and strenuous exercise

  • why it’s essential to rediscover your purpose and turn it into action through a goal-setting process.

In this podcast episode Suzette mentions Dr. Hannetjie van Zyl-Edeling, Dr. Riley Moynes, the Old Coots, and Dr. Melodie de Jager from the Mind Moves® Institute.


The seasons of life are continuous as intended by Nature. Through repetition we create an opportunity to make changes and find what is beneficial to our needs. How can you take your seasons to a new level and carve out the future that you are dreaming of.

Up Close and Personal - Suzette Serfontein

Meet Suzette, programme director of Rewire to Retire and a woman who walks her talk.

Shifting conversations about ageing

Fifty years ago, my grandfather turned 80.  I was a kid at the time, but I can vividly remember the stature of my grandfather, solemnly seated in a big chair and us, gathered in the room speaking in hushed voices – out of respect for his old age. Indeed, he came across as an old man. With all his faculties more or less intact, he came across as weary, or as he would refer to himself, der dagen sat. Looking now at the recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition with an 80-year-old Martha Stewart on the front cover, I doubt my grandfather would have considered posing for a magazine. Let alone the front cover.