Retirement is a process.

We believe that retirement is a process and not an intervention – people need time to process their thoughts, feelings and emotions around it. We designed Rewire to Retire as a flexible phased approach which run over a period of time.


While there is a lot of emphasis and focus on the financial aspect of preparing for retirement, the importance of mental and emotional preparedness is often overlooked.

This starts with the brain and the brain’s potential to learn or put differently, the brain’s capacity to adapt to change. Although we tend to talk of the brain as a singular organ, Paul MacLean introduced the concept of a three-tiered brain. His three-in-one brain theory illustrates how the brain develops and learns and provides a scientific structure for our approach at the Mind Moves Institute to Rewire to Retire.

Current thinking focuses more on developing control of your thoughts regarding your retirement and appreciate the importance of a positive mindset. Mindset and clarity of thinking is always important, but even more so for this next stage of your life.

The brain does not wear out over time like an aging machine. Due to neuroplasticity the brain renews and rewires itself continuously to maintain function.  The brain structures of persons who functioned their working life in a structured environment with relative predictability and the privilege of a PAYDAY are wired to maintain that functioning. Their mental and emotional states are wired and their brains secrete chemicals in readiness for the end of the month and the end of a career and then they relax.

But what if, as trends show, people live a third of their lives after they have reached retirement?

30 years might just be a bit long to relax?

Whether you need to adapt and rewire to gradually hand over the reign of your business/es in favour of a passive income and less stress, or need to develop a whole new skillset that allows for out of the box thinking to find purpose, meaning, and maybe earning potential through a whole new career in your senior years, a growth spurt is inevitable. Timeous cultivation of the brain wiring needed in readiness of such a growth spurt may set you up for the third phase of your life to be one of fulfilment and significance.

Retirement provides your brain with an excellent opportunity to rewire and renew. Rewire to Retire shows you how.

‘Movement and balance improve quality of life. Without that, your life becomes smaller’

Dr Melodie de Jager
(Founder of Mind Moves Institute)

You can consciously rewire your brain for change. Movement is nature’s way of developing a baby’s brain at a phenomenal speed; it is also nature’s way of rousing and toning the brain. Movement can reverse engineer brain development – it is nature’s way of keeping the brain supple and flexible throughout your life.

Movement is not necessarily exercise. Exercise is about effort, adrenalin and cortisol which may be quite stressful, while movement is spontaneous. People are different and for some effort is relaxation! The important thing is that we move with Mind Moves!